Furniture, Interiors, Exhibition Design & Curatorship

Curated and Designed by: Eggarat Wongcharit
Supported by: Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce

Venue: Hall 105, Bi-Tec, Bangna

Disorder vs Order

The dawn of South East Asia is rising as the global economic center is shifting against Asia. For generations, South East Asia has always been the cultural melting pot whereby the olds and the news live together in one harmony.

When different cultures are combined, it impacts the infra-structure of thoughts and influences on the people’s norm in this region. For first impression of the outsiders, the disorders seems literally appear in each regional space, but when looking closely at each individual, there appear so many orders that are compiled on one another. The Yin and Yang balance always happen in the routine of thoughts and can be considered as conceptual paradigm of South East Asia region.

A maze market is a utopia created to mock the spirit of the above mentioned abstracts. The labyrinth space represents the idea of order and disorder. The East meets West idea of products derived from the aspects of occidental functionalism and the emotional oriental crafts products are showcased as a compilation of orders but appeared as disorder regimentation. As Asia’s economic grows, the consumer’s demand will be shifted against the new needs of the next consumer’s generation, the behavior that once influenced by the Westernized order will be shifted and twisted by the logic of S.E.A.’s own nor, of living.

From the curator’s viewpoint, the maze of self-rediscovery will be unfolded, revived and further developed to create the future logic of Asia’s owned identification. Furthermore, the consequences will create an impact that will be quite influential not only in S.E.A’s own region but it will also impact on a new global consumer’s trend of the future.