Furniture, Interiors, Exhibition Design & Curatorship

The global economic scenarios are still struggling from the global threat of in­ation, Thailand design manufacturing industry had also been a‑ected and needed to adapt to customization with original identity. The world’s economy is shifting toward new countries in Asia, South Africa and South America.
Hospitality products are more suitable with the nature of Thailand’s new industries.
With future visions of the Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion, DEmark awards was created to appreciate the value of a product that re­ect its own original design identity and manufacturing innovation.
For the past 50 years of design industries development up to present, the passage of design history has already been narrated consecutively in the previous Slow hand Design exhibitions throughout the past 4 years. This year in 2014, I’m attempted to re­ect the content of how the industry will survive
via the new aspect of “Craftology” industrial development.
Exhibition viewers will be able to participate and understand Thai design attitude better with our latest generation’s design showcases. Meanwhile exchanging views with leading young blood designers from Thailand is also arranged as designers will stand by their showcase collections.
The future of the new Thai design generation will gradually stem from its roots and further grow along with the new industries but still maintaining its DNA.
The new blood will harmonize our own design DNA with global cultures while coping with awareness of keeping the world green.