Furniture, Interiors, Exhibition Design & Curatorship

Based upon the abstract concept of Fantasy: Fun•to•see, Bisto FantAsia reflects the new aspect of the future restaurant design that won’t just rely on the functional conditions of earth gravity.
The hypothesis of designing Bisto FantAsia also visualizes the future of design content that is completely different from the present content of restaurant business creations. Besides the better food quality, visual entertainment will feature the new character of design and its functionality for the futuristic restaurant. What will happen if the restaurant and its services are lifted up higher above gravitated earth?
The new context of creative tourism is happening is South east Asia. It indicates what is happening now. New behavior of Asian consumers will create a paradigm shift against innovative hospitality industries. The new aspects of restaurant, night club and bar design will be further elaborated with entertainment content and will reinvent a new perception on restaurant design in the short future.