Furniture, Interiors, Exhibition Design & Curatorship

Slow Hand Design 
The heart value of Thai products 

Supported by: Office of Product Value Promotion, Department of Export Promotion, 
Royal Thai Government of the Kingdom of Thailand in collaboration with Thailand Trade Office, Milan, Italy 
In collaboration with DEMARK and THAILAND’S BRAND 

Exhibition curator: Eggarat Wongcharit  

Curator’s prologue 
When discussing the export industry in Southeast Asia, Thailand is considered one of the most experienced countries due to its advanced infrastructure for producing consumer products. What is not as commonly known is that Thailand was once called “Siam” and was the epicenter for Southeast Asia trade, where products like ceramics and terracotta potteries, spices, etc. were exported throughout the important port towns of the Asian continent. 
Dating back to 2000 BC when the first civilization of “Baan Chiang” was established, terracotta techniques were used on a large scale for domestic utensil production. Many archeological artifacts have been discovered in various Asian countries and it has been proven among archeologists that the design skill and advanced technology of Baan Chiang pottery production was innovative in its creativity. 
Thai design DNA has been inherited from one civilization to another as witnessed by many archeological artifacts. Baan Chiang terracotta technology was transferred to the celadon pottery (Sangkalok) in the later period of Sukhothai civilization. Many trader’s records have mentioned “Suvarnabhumi” translated as, “The land of Gold” where the civilizations of Sukhothai and Ayudhya were flourishing and considered the most important export centers for Southeast Asia. 
The “Slow hand design” exhibition intends to reflect the value of Thai product export that still retain  their ancestral DNA inherited through many generations. The modern furniture products that are displayed in this exhibition, trace their roots to the design DNA which was transformed via Thailand’s cultural infusion. It is the curator’s intention to reflect how a warm Thai design spirit is infused into various forms, textures, technologies and expressions. 

Cultural evolution in modern Thai design 
For most foreigners, Thailand is the so called “land of smiles” due to its warm and friendly hospitality that reflects the richness of the Thai culture and the Thai people. Thai character expresses a touch from the heart and an emotional emphasis that brings and innate charisma to all things Thai. As design evolves from cultural expressions, products reflect a mindfulness and spiritual charisma both in functionality and aesthetic expression. The local wisdom of using natural material, developed through the handicrafts industry, and has been part of the Thai people’s life from past through present time. 
As the country’s economy has developed during the last 20 years, Thailand has become more sophisticated in product manufacturing. Design from Thailand has been well-accepted in the global market especially in the modern craft products market segment. Most designer-manufacturers have their own design research and development teams and have created their own brand identities. They’ve exported their quality products to the higher end markets. To date, there are many products brands who’ve sold their lifestyle products to retail stores throughout the globe. Design concepts for such lifestyle products are basically created from the infusion of manual operated craftsmanship and modern production. The difference in design ideas that relate to Thai culture and the use of craft materials and technology have created a new value dimension to the products, while retaining sense of the human touch to global end-users.