Furniture, Interiors, Exhibition Design & Curatorship

Slow Hand Design : Bar Crops & Props

Curated and designed by : Eggarat Wongcharit
Venue : Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Itaty
Support by: Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with Mitr Phol Group Company Limited

The global economy sees forth very slow growth at present, the design industry is still finding its path with a new paradigm shift. The year of the monkey is leading Asia to a new core context. Innovative technologies will shape a new scenario of urban living while tourism leads global travelers to the new dimension of thoughts. Food balances health and stress as it is most affordable for the time being. Foodies growth becomes more developed and design relies on the passion of the locals and global travelers who are seeking new ventures. Creativities rely on social IT network. Personal preferences of taste will be effected on IT media influences and will play an important role in compulsive online buying.
For Thailand, the country’s income derives from agriculture. The economy evolves via food Exports while positioning Thailand as kitchen of the world who offers varieties of the best creative gastronomical products. Meanwhile, wastes from food production has offered more opportunities for local designers to create ranges of products that are environmentally friendly. From Crops to Props, a new Thai design, evolves with the local context of agricultural ecology. A new design generation is rising up and gaining more attraction among global consumers whilst Thai design roots are heading towards global practicalities.
Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) in collaboration with Mitt Phol company, a global sugar manufacturing enterprise proudly presents “Slow Hand Design 2016 : Bar Crops and Props” an exhibition by Thai designers the showcases design collections based on the idea of crop cycling and its by-products that are further developed into lifestyle objects.
With a support from Mitr Phol Group, a private enterprise who deliver its sustainable sugar products worldwide and a curatorship of Eggarat Wongcharit, a pioneer in Thai design industries, the exhibition has fulfilled its purpose to reflect the agricultural crop-cycles and its by-products which are extended into design objects commonly used by global consumers. The exhibition comprised of 24 design enterprises who will showcase their products that express Thai design DNA via global functionalities.